Age 12-14 years: Core Lesson Plan

Learning outcome

  • I know what a flu vaccination is, why it is being offered and how it is given.

Success criteria

  • Can I explain the difference between a cold and flu and why flu is more serious?
  • I understand how vaccinations protect individuals from illnesses and also protect the community
  • I understand the purpose of the flu vaccination programme
  • Can I explain why some people might choose not to have vaccinations and why individuals (or parents) are asked to give their consent before being given a vaccination?
  • I know the process for obtaining consent for the flu vaccination
  • Can I explain how a flu vaccination is given?

Resources required

  • Sheet of paper for each group.
  • Quiz questions on the IWB or a sheet for teacher to read.
  • Quiz answer sheet for teacher.
  • “Then and now” assessment sheet for each pupil – Student Worksheet 2.