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Flu symptoms in children can negatively impact not just the child with flu, but the wider family too. Getting your child vaccinated against flu is important but the flu season can be a confusing time for some parents.

Dr Sarah Jarvis (GP and medical broadcaster) Dr Ranj Singh (Paediatrician) and Dr George Kassianos (Immunisation Lead for the Royal College of General Practitioners) have shared their thoughts and advice on flu in children and child flu vaccination.

Watch the clips to hear Ranj, Sarah and George talk about flu symptoms in children, how flu can impact family life and why flu vaccines for children can help to protect your family from flu this winter. For more information on vaccines and the childhood flu programme, visit the Vaccination Info and Programme pages.



Hear from Ranj and a fellow parent on how flu can impact children and the wider family. To view the full film, click here



If there is a topic in particular that you’re looking for, jump to that part of George’s clip by clicking on a question below.

Who are the main flu ‘spreaders’?

What effect can flu have on a child?

How do you stop the spread of flu?





Sarah takes time out from supporting the launch of this year’s childhood flu programme to explain how the childhood flu vaccine can help to protect the whole family from flu.

How does vaccination help protect a child from flu?

How does vaccination help protect other vulnerable family members from the flu?

Why does a child have to receive flu vaccination each year?


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